Tachograph Rolls

Tachograph Paper

At Paul Barton Ltd, all of our tachograph rolls are made of high quality thermal paper and all are EU approved to be used with digital tachographs. They are also available to order in bulk as it is a legal requirement to carry a sufficient amount of tachograph rolls with you in your vehicle. We offer expert advice to ensure that you have the correct tachograph roll to fit your device. As of 1st May 2006 all LGVs that have entered service prior to this date must be fitted with a digital tachograph.

Although many digital tachographs now use digital cards to record information, tachograph rolls are still needed to produce a printout to an enforcement officer. Similar to a tachograph chart, information about the drivers’ speed, distance and activity is recorded but a digital tachograph disables the need to do this manually. High quality paper offers years of image stability and printability, as well as being resistant against heat, oil and water.

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