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Tachograph Chart

At Paul Barton Ltd, all of our tachograph charts are of high quality and EU approved to be used with analogue tachographs. We provide expert advice on ensuring that you purchase the correct tachograph chart, there are two styles of holes; LK pear shaped and VR with three holes. You can check to see if the chart matches by seeing if the tachograph itself is manual or automatic and by looking at the code labelled on your device.

How to Use a Tachograph Chart

You must ensure that the tachograph clock is set to the correct local time, using the 24 hour format before starting your journey. Tachograph charts are legal documents and therefore must be handled with care and accuracy, making sure that they are completed in full. You must fill in sections 1-9 on the chart correctly, with some sections needing to be completed before and after your journey. You must ensure that you carry tachograph charts for up to 28 days prior to your day of travel.

Speed Ratings

The chart speed rating is shown in the centre of the chart, on some charts this also appears on the reverse side. A list of ‘e’ numbers to show which models are compatible are also listed on the reverse of the chart. The speed rating on LK type charts need to be checked by looking at the speedometer part of the tachograph focusing on the figure shown after ‘max speed’. This will be in between 125kph and 180kph depending on the weight of the vehicle.

Analysing the Chart

Charts with codes 939 and 929 can be scanned and analysed by scanning them into an analysis system. This provides a transparent view of both driver and vehicle activity. This is a quick and easy way, with the system breaking down and analysing the data recorded on the chart. We cover all speed ranges from 100kph to 180 kph and prices start from £3.80 including P&P and V.A.T.

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