The DLK Pro Download Key is used to download data from your Digital Tachograph Cards simply and efficiently. They are used for both reading and storing data. The units are simply inserted into the front of the tachograph unit and data is downloaded from driver cards and mass storage devices. The driver card can also be downloaded via the card reader and integrated into the key. This can then be transferred to your computer or device via the USB port.

Thanks to the SD Card reader you can even make copies of the data. Alternatively the data can also be read using the 2.2 inch TFT touch screen display. Other advantages of the DLK Pro Download Key Family are:

  • Mobile devices in the practical format of a mobile phone
  • For easy downloading and analysis of driver cards and digital tachograph mass memory
  • Three different solutions:
  • DLK Pro Download Key – the perfect transport medium for downloading mass memory and driver card data
  • DLK Pro TIS-Compact – the all-in-one solution for downloading, archiving and data management
  • DLK Pro Inspection Key – fast mobile checking of driver and vehicle data for infringements and archiving of legally-required data
  • To comply with the statutory obligations in respect of downloading and archiving
  • Can be used with 12 and 24 volts for all digital tachographs
  • Simple operation, maximum data security

The product family consists of 4 units which cover all the requirements of fleet managers, owner-drivers and law enforcement authorities.