Digital Tachograph Fitment Guide

To ensure that your new digital tachograph (or digital tachometer) unit works correctly, it’s vital that you follow the acceptable fitment guide. Firstly, digital tachograph vehicle units (VU’s) can be fitted in front passenger compartments of passenger vehicles and LGV’s (vehicle categories M1 and N1). They should be fitted in a central place where the driver can easily access all functions from his/her seat, but it’s advised that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you haven’t been given manufacturer instructions, please follow the fitment guidelines for digital tachograph VU’s below:

  • The VU must not obscure the driver’s view of the road
  • The VU must not impede movement of anyone within the vehicle
  • There must be no interference with any safety systems within the vehicle e.g. airbags
  • The VU must not increase likelihood of injury to anyone in the vehicle

The diagram (Displaying amber, green and blue sections) shows how a digital tachograph system should be fitted within the cabin of your work vehicle. Click the image to enlarge it.

  • Amber area = The DVSA considers these areas acceptable for placing the unit, providing that the visual warning ‘T’ light is in the driver’s field of vision and is clearly legible.
  • Green area = An acceptable location for fitting the unit, according to the DVSA.
  • Blue area = Accepted by the DVSA, so long as the position doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view of the road.
Digital Tachograph Fitment Diagram
As further clarification for you, here is a quote from the EEC Legislation (Council Regulation EEC No 3821, Annex 1B), which states:

Step 1

“The recording equipment must be positioned in the vehicle in such a way as to allow the driver to access the necessary functions from his seat.

Step 2

“Visual warnings shall be clearly recognisable by the user, shall be situated in the driver’s field of vision and shall be clearly legible both by day and night. Visual warnings may be built into the recording equipment and/or remote from the recording equipment. In the latter case it shall bear a ‘T’ symbol and shall be amber or orange.

Step 3

“Warning cause shall be displayed on the recording equipment and remain visible until acknowledged by the user using a specific key or command of the recording equipment.” (This must be done at the first available opportunity after the vehicle has reached a safe location to enable this action to happen)

If you need further guidance on where to fit your digital tachograph VU, please call 0115 6710103 or email us to speak with an expert on the subject.

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