VDO Digital Tachographs

At Paul Barton, we supply a wide range of digital tachographs to fit a variety of vehicles from VDO. VDO develop intelligent technologies for transporting people and their goods and are market leaders of digital tachographs. We supply VDO digital tachographs for all vehicles from commercial fleet to HGV’s. The latest technology from VDO ensures that driver’s hours and information are stored efficiently and with accuracy.

Digital Tachograph DTCO 2.1 Active

The next generation of digital tachographs; the DTCO 2.1 active includes driving, working, on-call and rest periods for the driver and a front passenger whilst storing the information on a driver card. The driver can use the VDO counter to find out when the maximum driving time has been reached. As well as how long the next break needs to be.

The device also records truck speed, rest periods and calibration information is stored in the mass storage device. The driver is also periodically reminded of test intervals and the remaining validity of the tachograph card via the display. Allowing drivers to see how long they can remain behind the wheel, how long the subsequent break must be and how long they may continue driving after the break

The device also allows a driver to access daily and weekly figures at the touch of a button. The intelligent on-board computer and personal assistant makes recording and remembering to log information easy.

VDO DTCO2.1 Tachograph

Advantages of the DTCO 2.1 Active

  • Two automatic chip card readers for recording data on the driver and front passenger
  • Speed recorded accurately and minute-by-minute calculation of driving and rest periods in accordance with the one-minute rule that is so beneficial to companies.
  • Supports remote downloads of driver and vehicle data (e.g. through DLD Wide Range) for simple compliance with archiving laws
  • Continuous display of the remaining time available for driving and the required rest period on the display
  • Recording of geodata on vehicle location via GPS (optional function with additional GeoLoc module)
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