Stoneridge Digital Tachographs

Here at Paul Barton Tachographs we supply a comprehensive range of digital tachographs from Stoneridge. Our stock comes directly from Stoneridge’s own-brand line, which has been expertly designed, developed and manufactured for aftermarket sales.

Whether you own a commercial or agricultural fleet of light, medium or heavy-weight vehicles, or require digital tachograph analysis software for the workshop, we have a product to suit your needs. These advanced tachograph systems will ensure that all modern safety and working hour regulations are met in your business.

Digital tachographs

Paul Barton Tachographs supplies the following digital tachograph equipment for fleet vehicles and workshops, to help streamline your daily operations.


SE5000 Duo Exakt Digital Tachograph
DigiDL Remote Download


SE5000 Configuration System
CITO Download Tool

These digital tachographs and analysis equipment can be combined to create a robust monitoring system for your vehicle fleet. These products have the abilities to accurately track and store driver data on speed and activity, as well as download and interpret data from the digital tachograph or driver card.

Stoneridge se5000 Exakt Duo 2

Stoneridge SE5000 Exakt Duo² Digital Tachograph

The newest and most advanced addition to our Stoneridge digital tachograph range is the SE5000 Exakt Duo. To help drivers keep track of short breaks and to avoid overrunning daily driving limits, this digital tachograph provides real-time updates on driving and rest times, so you can make adaptations on the job.

Developed to meet the ever-growing needs of vehicle fleet owners and drivers, the system boasts many new features including Working Time Directive calculations and ‘One Minute Rule’ technology. This cuts the likelihood of driving infringements and costly fines, allows you to accurately plan your week ahead, allows workshops to process faster and fleets to become more efficient. The SE5000 Exakt Duo digital tachograph is a smart solution for everyone in your company.

Of course, all tachograph digital data and smartcard data can be downloaded using Stoneridge’s tachograph analysis software. Here’s some more useful information about the product:

  • Quiet card insertion
  • 12v & 24V variants (light & heavy vehicles)
  • Robust card reader (no motors to breakdown)
  • Lifetime internal battery
  • Manual card eject facility (If card gets stuck inside VU)
  • User replaceable printer drawer
  • Easy paper roll loading system
  • ADR variants
  • Full country naming
  • Additional data recording functions as standard
  • Activity change facility, independent of menu in display
Stoneridge Digifob

Stoneridge Digifob Digital Tachograph Download Tool

We stock the popular Stoneridge digifob for instant access to digital tachograph and smartcard data. The download tool gives you comprehensive access so that a thorough and accurate analysis can be done.

The digifob is an indispensable tool for vehicle fleet managers and drivers to check their driver card data instantly. All data is shown on a large, backlit display in a simple, 2 button interface. You can download straight from to PC and ensure long equipment life with its rechargeable lithium ion battery. The device even comes with digifob Companion software.

  • Legal file upload to PC (ddd, v1b, c1b, tgd)
  • USB connection to PC
  • Firmware can be updated via PC
  • USB charging of Lithium battery via PC
  • Battery charge level indication
  • Option to set language, time zone and POA
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