Stoneridge Analogue Tachograph

At Paul Barton Tachographs we have a selection of aftermarket analogue tachographs available, supplied directly from Stoneridge’s own-brand range. All Stoneridge aftermarket analogue tachographs are expertly designed, developed and manufactured with end-user needs in mind, so that you can monitor driver speed and activity effectively and easily.

Analogue tachographs are made to suit commercial and agricultural fleet vehicles, whether they are light, medium or heavy-weight. By also supplying analysis equipment and tools, your fleet and workshop operations will work seamlessly together with fewer infringements of driving hour regulations.

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Analogue tachographs

Paul Barton Tachographs supplies the below analogue tachograph systems and analysis tools for fleet vehicles and the workshop, to improve tracking and monitoring of driver activity in your company.

2400 Radio Style Tachograph – This analogue tachograph delivers quality, reliability and durability all in one. It comes in a variety of models to fit most fleet vehicles, has a programmable 4th stylus and allows for a range of input speed signals. Available in New and FRU types, operates on serial data output.

8400 Tachograph – This analogue tachograph is circular with a standard speedometer display, odometer and tachograph chart recording features for speed, distance and driver mode. The 8400 suits most vehicles due to the model range and comes with unlimited mileage warranty. You can buy it in 12 or 24 volt with 1 or 2 driver options. Charts and paper rolls – Universal charts and paper rolls to suit all analogue tachographs and chart scanners. 125 km/h, 140 km/h & 180 km/h. Sizes range from boxes of 25 – 500 (100 charts in each box). These analogue tachographs and analysis equipment can be combined to create a sound monitoring system for your vehicles.